Research topic:

(Model systems for the) identification of (genetic) risk factors for the progression of chronic liver disease

Well characterized cry-banks of different specimens from patients with various liver diseases are the basis for the identification of genetic risk factors and diagnostic markers for the progression of chronic liver diseases.

Also together with collaboration partners we are searching for markers that predict the progression of hepatic fibrosis and the development and progression of hepatocellular carcinoma.


Further, we established in vitro systems with parenchymal and non-parenchymal liver cells isolated from different human donors to assess and simulate, respectively, variations in the development of fibrosis or the progression of hepatocellular cancer as observed in different patients. These analysis are performed in close collaboration with the Center for Liver cell Research at the University Hospital Regensburg and the Human Tissue and Cell Research (HTCR) Foundation.

Cells isolated under standardized conditions from different donors were compared in functional assays and regarding the activation of pathophysiologically relevant signaling pathways and the expression of critical genes.

Further, the effect of conditioned medium collected from activated hepatic stellate cells isolated from different donors on HCC target cells from one single donor are being compared.


In more complex approaches target cells from different donors or co-culture experiments are used.